Business Development Leads

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Business Development Lead Databases are marketed to our Customers under a unique database license program.

Our Company, the Database Provider, assist companies and individuals in successfully marketing the sales efforts of our Customer’s by providing economical quality packaged lead databases in various industries. All databases are a collection of accumulative records in various industries which databases are comprehensively described on their perspective database web page.F1 And, while the records in the databases were not obtained through any Internet source or company marketing lead databases, the information has been acquired from reliable sources.

Our Company, however, although the website only contains packaged databases, offers Customers the option to acquire customized or unique lead databases by means of our Company filtering packaged databases. Whether the Customer may be looking for marketing leads in a particular locality or region or seeking marketing leads based on a group of area codes or other business criteria, our Company, to meet our Customer’s objectives, provides customized or unique databases.

The databases provided by our Company are also the only databases offered with a 100% Conditional Money Back Guarantee Plus Program ensuring 100% value for the Customer’s marketing expense in the acquisition of lead databases. In essence, based on a percentile formula, our guarantee plus program proportionately refunds the Customer for bad data fields and invalid records thereby ensuring that our Customers, respective of the adjusted expense of the lead databases, receive 100% genuine lead databases comprising of 100% authentic lead records.

Whether the Company, or you personally, are implementing or spiraling an existing brand marketing campaign, or a social marketing or relationship marketing campaign, or any other type of marketing campaign, our databases will prove to be beneficial to successfully achieving your marketing goals.

F1  All databases, unless restricted by the format type, are structured in a methodical manner to allow the reader(s) to easily view the database fields & records.




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